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      How to Upgrade from 1Password for iPhone to 1Password Pro

      If you decide to upgrade from 1Password for iPhone to 1Password Pro on your iPhone or iPod touch, you must be sure to backup your information from 1Password for iPhone so you can import it into 1Password Pro. Removing an app from your device will delete all of your data, making it impossible to recover. If you do not sync your device with 1Password for the Mac, a backup is the only way you can transition your information from one version of 1Password to the other.

      Fortunately, backing up your 1Password data is fairly simple. If you use 1Password for the Mac, simply perform a Wi-Fi Sync to ensure you have an up-to-date copy of your data stored in 1Password on your Mac. If you do not use 1Password on a Mac, or you use a Windows or Linux OS, you can follow the simple procedure below. We encourage you to read through it all at least once before attempting anything, just to make sure you are fully prepared:

      1. Ensure that your device and computer (be it a Mac, Windows, or Linux PC) are connected to the same local Wi-Fi network.
      2. Open 1Password on your device, then go to More > Settings.
      3. Tap the Backup & Restore button in Settings to enable the Backup service.
      4. Type the URL displayed on your device into your computer’s browser.
      5. You will see 1Password’s Backup & Restore service in your browser, and you will be offered the option to download an encrypted copy of your 1Password data to your computer. Do it, and remember where you save this file.

      Now that you have backed up your original 1Password data, you need to restore it to the new version you are switching to. Do not remove your original version of 1Password until you verify that the restoration process was successful. Doing so would delete all of your data, and as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

      In 1Password Pro, follow the previous set of steps all the way through 4. Once you’re in the browser, go to the Restore option, click the Choose File button, select the file you downloaded in the previous process, and click Restore. Your data from 1Password for iPhone will be transmitted to your device, and you will need to use the same pin code and Master Password to unlock your data.

      After verifying that all your data transferred over properly to 1Password Pro, you can delete 1Password for iPhone from your device. Do remember that this will delete your data from that previous version, so take your time to be absolutely sure that the backup and restoration process was successful.