Login Fails to Fill Automatically

When using 1Password’s built-in web browser, 1Password will try to fill your login credentials for you so that you don’t have to enter them manually. Sometimes, this is not possible, for a variety of reasons.

Saved Login is Different

1Password relies on the field names of the login form to fill the form accurately. Depending on the login item was originally created, the form fields saved in 1Password could be wrong. Some of the ways this can happen include:

The easiest thing to do when 1Password is unable to fill a form is to re-save it using 1Password for Mac if that is possible. If this isn’t possible, please view the source of the page on your computer and ensure that the form fields you have saved match the form fields that the web sites uses.

We understand that this process can be confusing and tedious when 1Password for your iPhone/iPod touch is the only version you use and you are not able to simply sync with 1Password for Mac. We apologise for this and are investigating ways to make saving logins on Apple’s touch devices easy and accurate in the future.

Username and Password Designations

Depending on the version of 1Password that had created those original entries the username and password designations may not be set properly. In this case you can edit the form and set them appropriately.


At this time, 1Password touch cannot fill sites that use Framesets.

Manually Entering Logins

If a login form cannot be automatically filled, a “Credentials Curtain” appears at the top of the window, revealing what the username and password are for manual entry.