1Password licenses

Sane Licensing Model

A 1Password for Windows single-user license allows you to install and use it on as many Windows installations as you own. We like to call this our Sane Licensing Model™—there is only one of you, so we think you should need only one license for 1Password for Windows to use it on all your Windows installations!

If you are not the only person using 1Password for Windows, then you require additional single-user licenses or a family license for 1Password for Windows.

Please see this page for specific examples.

Note: Your 1Password license is platform-specific. This means that you need a 1Password for Mac license to register 1Password in OS X and a 1Password for Windows license to register 1Password in Windows.

To run 1Password for Windows in a Windows virtual machine (using software like VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop) or in a Boot Camp partition on your Mac you still need a 1Password for Windows license, even if you have a 1Password for Mac license.

1Password for Mac

1Password for Mac requires a separate license, available in our store.

1Password for iOS

1Password for iPhone and 1Password for iPad are sold separately. They can be purchased from Apple’s iTunes App Store.

Family license

The family license allows up to five family members living in the same household to use 1Password. Each family member will not receive their own license. After purchasing a family license from our store, you will receive your license and receipt via e-mail. Share this license with your family so that they can register 1Password using their own computers or user accounts.

Upgrade policy

Your 1Password license will never expire, and you can use it on the current version of 1Password indefinitely. Note that system updates from Microsoft could cause certain aspects of 1Password to stop working in the future.

Historically, we have been very generous with upgrades: Since we released 1Password, we have given away over 100 free updates and upgrades. We will continue this tradition of generosity and paid license holders will always get all point updates for free. (Going from version 3.5 to version 3.6 is called a “point update” and will be free if you have a 1Password 3 license.)

Major new releases will require a paid upgrade, but it will be a discounted upgrade for paid license holders. Those who purchase 1Password within 45 days of any major upgrade will be able to upgrade for free. (Going from any version of 1Password 3 to any version of 1Password 4 is called a major version upgrade and will be paid, except if you purchased your license within 45 days prior to the new version’s release.)