Getting Started

The first time you launch 1Password for Windows, it will offer different setup options, depending on whether it finds Dropbox installed and, if so, whether it finds a valid and complete 1Password data set stored in your Dropbox folder.

If you’ve already installed Dropbox on your computer, and Dropbox has completely finished syncing your 1Password data from a Mac or another PC, 1Password will detect the presence of the 1Password data automatically—just enter the master password defined for that 1Password data, and you’re ready to go.

If you’re new to 1Password, but you know you want to use it with Dropbox, it’s probably easiest to install Dropbox first. If you’ve done that, or if you just want to run 1Password on a single PC, the installer will ask whether you want to create a new 1Password data folder or use an existing one.

1Password for Windows, first launch

For use with Dropbox, just be sure to create the new data folder within the Dropbox folder or a subfolder.

Don’t worry: if you decide to use it later, you can install Dropbox and move your 1Password data, as described here.

About Your Master Password

The first time you install 1Password, you will need to define a master password. It’s used to encrypt and lock your 1Password data, and you’ll need to enter it every time you want to open the data file. If you forget your master password, we cannot reset it or send it to you or open your data. After all, that’s the whole point of using 1Password in the first place! 1Password provides absolute security for your sensitive information. Etch your Master Password into your memory, or (if you must) write it down and store it in a safe place.

Once you unlock your 1Password data, you can use 1Password’s preferences to customize how and when your data file is locked. You can also use 1Password’s preferences to enable and disable browser extensions, customize data file backup options, opt in for future beta testing, and more.

Registering 1Password

When you launch 1Password in “demo mode,” you can store up to 20 items. If you save or create more, 1Password for Windows displays a reminder to license and register the program.

You can license 1Password for Windows in our online store. Once you receive the license information by e-mail, please copy the key in the e-mail message, launch 1Password, choose Help > Enter License Key, paste the copied key, and click the OK button.

Setting Up Browser Extensions

1Password automatically enables its extension for Internet Explorer. You can enable and disable browser integration for Internet Explorer (and Firefox and Chrome, if they’re detected) on the Browsers tab of 1Password preferences.

Browsers tab of 1Password preferences

If you installed Firefox in a nonstandard location, just click the Browse button, and identify the firefox.exe file.