Troubleshooting Safari 5.1

If you are having trouble with the Safari 5.1 extension, please ensure that you are running Safari 5.1 and not the previous version 5.0. You can verify this by selecting “About Safari” from Safari’s application menu.

To install the Safari 5.1 extension, starting and unlocking 1Password after you upgrade to Lion or Safari 5.1 on Snow Leopard should trigger a prompt to do so. Otherwise, please follow the instructions in the following document to install or update the Safari extension.

Troubleshooting Tips

The Toolbar Button Does Not Respond

The new Safari 5.1 extension takes full advantage of the native extension APIs that Apple provides to bring you faster updates and a richer experience. Please ensure that JavaScript is enabled in Safari’s preferences in order to use the new extension.

Instructions for enabling JavaScript in Safari are available as well.

Extension Shows Up Garbled, Blank/Transparent or Unresponsive

A broken, garbled, or blank 1Password window can be caused by several unsupported Safari extensions. Because of the unsupported nature in which they interact with applications, these extensions can interfere with the proper behavior of the 1Password browser extension and others.

Examples of extensions we’ve seen that cause issues are “SafariSniffer” and “Wondershare AllMyTube/Free YouTube Downloader”. It is likely other unsupported extensions would result in similar problems.

Please see this document to learn more about this issue and how to resolve it.

Data Not Available Error

The “Data Not Available” error normally happens when the data from 1Password has not been synced to the Safari extension yet. To allow this to happen, please follow these steps:

  1. Quit Safari
  2. Open the 1Password app, unlock it, then wait 10-20 seconds
  3. Reopen Safari and, if need be, unlock the extension

You should be good to go.

Safari’s Private Browsing feature can also cause these errors because of a bug that we are working with Apple to resolve. To fix the problem, please disable Private Browsing and reinstall the extension with these instructions:

  1. Uninstall the 1Password Safari extension: Go to Safari > Preferences > Extensions, select the 1Password extension, and press the Uninstall button on the right

  2. Turn off Private Browsing: Go to the Safari app menu and uncheck Private Browsing

  3. Quit Safari:

    • On Snow Leopard: choose Safari > Quit or press Command-Q
    • On Lion: Hold the Option key and choose Safari > Quit and Close All Windows or press Command-Option-Q
  4. Update 1Password: in the 1Password app, go to 1Password > Check for Updates and if a new version is found, please update

  5. Reinstall the 1Password extension: go to 1Password > Preferences > Browsers and click the “Install Safari Extension” button. This should automatically launch Safari and you can now go back about your business.

Extension Data Does Not Match the Main Application

It is possible that the Safari extension database (including a recently changed master password) is out of sync with the data in the main application. To resolve this try using Help > Troubleshooting > Restart Agent from the 1Password menubar. If that doesn’t work, you may need to reinstall 1Password’s Safari Extension:

A Login used to work, now it doesn’t

Re-saving a Login can be useful for Logins that are either problematic to begin with or were once working but have since stopped. Doing this allows 1Password to refresh everything it “knows” about the page. Login pages often change as websites are updated and this can be a necessary but very useful tip. Please try [re]saving the Login like this:

  1. Open 1Password and find the Login item in question
  2. Copy that Login’s password to your clipboard, then delete the Login (don’t worry, it goes into 1Password’s trash just in case)
  3. Visit the Login’s site, enter your username, paste your password, and login like normal
  4. 1Password should prompt you to save a new Login—do it, then log out and try to log back in with the new Login you created

If you are still having trouble, please take a look at the “Website Login Issues” section of this user guide.

If the site doesn’t log you in afterward, please try turning off AutoSubmit. Open the main 1Password application and edit the login to change the Submit value from “If AutoSubmit is ON” to “Never”. This is required in some cases in which the website modifies the form before submitting it or is looking for a literal key press or mouse click before logging in. Turning off AutoSubmit for the individual Login will give you the chance to actually give them what they are looking for by submitting the form yourself rather than allowing 1Password to attempt it on your behalf.

1Password doesn’t work if the Safari toolbar is hidden

Please remove the 1Password button from the toolbar and then restart Safari before hiding the toolbar again, this will then allow 1Password to open in a different way without the toolbar. We’re working on improving this in the future.

Where did the right-click menu go?

We have added a limited contextual menu support in the latest 1Password extension version, we do plan to expand it in the near future. We do not have a specific timeframe on this.

1Password doesn’t accept my Master Password

If you changed your master password in the main application, that change may not have made it the Safari extension. If this is the case please follow the steps above in the section “Extension Data Does Not Match the Main Application.”

Otherwise please see this document which describes a few steps you can take in this case. Sometimes it’s a simple problem of Caps Lock being enabled, while in others, users enabled the option to save their Master Password in OS X’s keychain, then forgot it.

How does Go & Fill work now?

Pretty much the same as before! You can use Go & Fill in our new extension by clicking the 1P button, then selecting the All Logins tab by clicking it or by pressing the Tab key. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts, our standard Command-Option-\ shortcut (customizable under Preferences > Logins) will also take you straight to that tab. Type a few letters like normal to find your Login and hit Return to open it in a new tab.

If you right-click 1Password’s Dock menu or click the item’s URL in the 1Password window, your Login will open in a new tab where 1Password will fill the form and submit it.

Please Note: The following only applies to Snow Leopard and not to Lion: In Snow Leopard, there is a known issue where double-clicking a Login item in the 1Password app will only open the site but not fill the username and password information. We are working on a solution to this.

1Password extension won’t unlock

If you are having trouble unlocking 1Password in Safari 5.1 after having used Private Browsing mode, please try relaunching Safari after disabling Private Browsing. This is a bug we are working on addressing.

Where did the 1Password menubar button go?

Apple made changes in Safari 5.1 that do not provide the support we need to add the 1Password button to Safari’s menubar at the moment. We hope to support this as soon as Apple provide this support to Safari 5.1.

What happened to folders/tags?

We are looking into restoring access to folders and tags in our new extension.

Where did Accounts go?

Accounts is a 1Password data type that we are working to restore in the new extension. Stay tuned.

Other Known Issues

The new Safari 5.1 extension is a whole lot of awesome, but it does some things differently than the previous Safari extension. We are also working to restore some features from the previous version, so please check out this list of known issues:

Single-keystroke login is here!

Automatic unlock is available now in the latest 1Password app update

Support for HTTP Authentication prompts is not yet available

Safari’s AutoFill feature can interfere with 1Password’s AutoSave, creating duplicate items

“Avoid Autosave on These Domains” support is available now in the latest extension version

“Automatically include username in Login title” is on our radar for a future update