Tags allow you to organize your 1Password items in a way that fits how you work. You can apply tags to any and every item in your Vault, including Logins, Accounts, Identities, Secure Notes, Software, and Wallet. Each item can have multiple tags, so you could tag a Twitter Login item with both “work” and “social media,” which would make it appear in both of those tags in the 1Password sidebar, as well as search and Smart Folders.

Tags in the sidebar

As you add new tags to your items, they will appear in the Tags section in 1Password’s sidebar. 1Password will also offer to auto-complete tags as you type, based on previous tags you’ve created. If you prefer not to see your tag lists in 1Password’s sidebar all the time, just click the arrow next to its Tags heading to collapse the section.

Whenever you tag an item, it automatically appears within each relevant tag in the sidebar. If you use multiple tags, an item will appear in multiple tag lists simultaneously. Once you have created a few tags, you can speed up your tagging a little. Just select multiple items and drag them onto a tag in the sidebar to apply that tag to each item you selected.

You can also create Smart Folders in conjunction with tags for even more organizational power. For example: once you’re done tagging a bunch of items with “personal,” “work,” and “paying bills,” you could create a Smart Folder to collect all items tagged with “work.” This Smart Folder could look for the “work”tag, but restrict it to Logins, Identities, and Wallet items to help you focus on your daily duties at your job. This tag integration can save you much tedious organization work, and perhaps even replace your system of manually creating regular folders and dragging items into them.

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