Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator

The Strong Password Generator in 1Password allows you to quickly create complex passwords, automatically save them as Logins in your 1Password data file, and use those Logins to save a ton of time by instantly logging into sites.

By using 1Password to generate unique, strong passwords you will significantly improve the security of your online accounts. You will also gain additional protection from keyloggers, as 1Password does not actually type your password and, by default, avoids pasting passwords into your clipboard, another place keyloggers often check for sensitive information.

In most cases, you need 1Password to create a new password when you’re browsing the web and sign up for new accounts, and you need it quick. Fortunately, we designed our Strong Password Generator to work right in your browser, so there’s no need to stop what you’re doing and switch to the 1Password app.

Use the Strong Password Generator in your browser

To create a new password for a site and save it as a new Login, or perhaps change an existing Login’s password, you can:

  1. Click the 1Password key button in your browser’s toolbar, then the Strong Password Generator tab (the round padlock icon)
  2. (Optional) Adjust settings of your new password, such as whether it uses special characters or numbers (important for some sites that require or do not allow such characters)
  3. Click the Fill button to automatically paste your new password into the webpage’s form

Once you click to submit the form, 1Password will prompt you to create a new Login to save your username and password. The next time you need to log into the site, you can save a lot of time by using this saved Login to automatically enter your username and password and get into the site.

Generate passwords for Mac apps and other uses

Sometimes you will need to generate a new password for an application on your Mac, or maybe for your AirPort Station or Time Capsule. To do this, you can access the Strong Password Generator feature in the 1Password app by clicking File > New Item > New Password.

Fill Identity

The Identities options also uses the strong password generator to automatically generate and fill blank password fields. This means that

Password Generation Algorithms

Two customizable password generation algorithms are available. Opening the Advanced Options disclosure triangle will reveal their options.

1. Pronounceable Password

Pronounceable Password Algorithm Options

Pronounceable passwords such as “veni-vidi-vici” are much easier to type than completely random passwords. However, this advantage makes them slightly weaker, so we recommend making them longer to ensure security.

To generate pronounceable passwords, click on the Pronounceable tab under Advanced Options. You can customize the separator used between the pronounceable strings.

The pronounceable password algorithm is compliant with the Federal Information Processing Standards Publication 181.

2. Random Password

Random Password Algorithm Options

Random passwords are the most secure as they are completely random. They are also the hardest to remember and type, but 1Password will handle that for you so there is no real disadvantage in using them.

To generate random passwords, click on the Random tab under Advanced Options.

In the options you can customize how many numbers and symbols will be in the generated password, if characters can repeat, as well as if ambiguous characters such as 0Ol1S$ are allowed.

Copy password on completion

Under Advanced Options you can configure the Strong Password Generator to copy the newly created password your clipboard.

Password History

When filling or saving a newly generated password, 1Password will add it to the Password History section of 1Password. See Password History for details.