Software Licenses

1Password 3: Software Licenses

Introduced in 1Password 3, Software Licenses is a new Vault item type that lets you organize licenses for all the software you own. Software Licenses can easily grab gorgeous icons for your apps, offer lots of custom fields for adding relevant information, and support file attachments to store file-based licenses.

Ways to create a new Software License item in 1Password:

You can add tags and edit many fields of a Software License, including the version number, registered name and email address, company/developer name, website, retail price, support email, purchase date, order number, and order total.

You can also add attachments to Software Licenses, making them great for organizes licenses from developers who require you to use a custom file (instead of a code) that must be placed in a specific location. Attach these files to a 1Password Software License and never lose track of them again.

Tips and things to know