Smart Folders

You can use a Smart Search to look for a username, URL, or other keyword across all of your items in 1Password, right from 1Password’s built-in search box. You can then turn that search into a Smart Folder that is saved in the left sidebar. Like Smart Folders in the Mac OS X Finder, 1Password Smart Folders are like an assistant that constantly searches for the terms you specify, continually updating to show you the most recent results.

Why should I use a Smart Folder?

Smart Folders are a great way to focus on a specific set of your 1Password items from across the Vault, all in one place. For example: Maybe when you’re at work, you only want to see Logins, Identities, and Secure Notes that you tagged as “work.” But you could also filter out certain URLs, such as the Twitter Login of your business’s account, or any items in which you used a specific username.

Instead of constantly searching and re-searching for items throughout the day, you could use a Smart Folder to always keep them at the tip of your fingers.

How to create a Smart Folder

Smart Folders

Step 1: Choose File > New Smart Folder

The Smart Search bar will appear at the top of 1Password’s window, and your cursor will be placed in the search box so you can begin typing your search term, such as a username, website URL, tag, or other keywords.

Alternatively, you can simply select the search box (or use the Mac OS X standard keyboard shortcut for search: Command-F) and begin typing to make the Smart Search bar appear.

Step 2: Customize your Smart Folder

You can focus the scope of your Smart Folder by adding more criteria for it to include or even exclude from its search results. Click the plus button at the right of the Smart Search bar to add more criteria, such as including items with a specific tag, or excluding any items that list a specific URL or username.

Step 3: Save your Smart Folder

Click the Save button at the right of the Smart Search bar to save your Smart Search as a Smart Folder. It will be added to 1Password’s sidebar near the top of the Folders section, distinguished from regular folders with a purple folder featuring a gear icon.

How to edit a Smart Folder

If you need to change the search criteria of a Smart Folder, simply right-click it in 1Password’s sidebar and choose Edit Smart Folder from the contextual menu. Note that 1Password’s default Smart Folders (“All” and “Unfiled” as of this writing) cannot be edited.

How to delete a Smart Folder

Much like editing a Smart Folder, simply right-click it in 1Password’s sidebar and choose Delete.

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