Safari 5.1 extension intro

Things might look a little different the next time you hit the 1P button, but that’s ok! Do not adjust that dial–we’ve redesigned our 1Password Safari extension in the name of usability, speed, and bringing you more updates more quickly.

Here’s a quick rundown of how to use our new extension and some tips for getting the most out of it.

New Safari Extension

How to use the new extension

Our new extension looks different, but works much the same as the previous one. However, you can view more of your data right in the browser, and we have a few new keyboard shortcuts that can help you get around faster.

Log into a site Here is how to log into a site using our new extension:

To use the new extension to log into a site a little more quickly with our Go & Fill feature, you can use the default keyboard shortcut Command-Option-\ (a customer favorite), like so:

You can use Identities and Credit Cards in much the same way. When at a site you need to fill, you can click the 1P button, click the Identities or Credit Cards tab, then click the item you want to fill in on the page. If you’re a keyboard ninja, that workflow is: Command-\, Command-left/right arrow key to move between tabs, up/down arrows to move between items on a tab, then Return to fill in the form.

So why did you redesign the extension, anyway?

In short: When Apple announced Lion earlier this year, it changed a significant number of under-the-hood features in Safari. Since we have been working on updating 1Password to get into the Mac App Store, we realized we had an opportunity to bring a much faster and more flexible 1Password experience to all users now, before the next major version of 1Password. Here’s a brief overview of our goals for the new extension, broken down by category:

Usability - more of 1Password at your fingertips

Speed - new interface for mouse users, more keyboard shortcuts

Check out a list of our standard shortcuts and the new, more flexible commands we’ve added:

More updates, better experience

Our extension is now an official Safari extension, which means Safari can automatically download updates without us having to update the 1Password app (check Safari > Preferences > Extensions to see!). This new design is also going to become standard across the browsers we support, so you get more new features and a consistent experience no matter which browser you use.

So take some time to check out the new extension and its great features. Read our full blog post if you want more of the story, and let us know what you think!