Automatic Updates

To ensure browser compatibility and access to the latest features, it is important that you run the latest version of 1Password. 1Password is updated frequently so it is recommended that you enable automatic updates. 1Password can automatically download and install these new updates for you.

To see 1Password’s update preferences, click 1Password > Preferences, then the Updates pane. Below are explanations for the features and options found in this pane.

1P3 Preferences Updates

The “Check Now” button

The top area of the Updates pane tells you the last time 1Password checked for an update and offers a “Check Now” button on the right for performing a manual check. You can also use the “Check for Updates…” menu item under 1Password in the menu bar to do the same thing.

Automatically update 1Password

Enabling automatic updates means that you can stay updated with the latest and greatest version of 1Password without having to think about it. If the option is enabled, 1Password will automatically download and install updates for you and notify you when a new version has been installed. By default, 1Password is set to check weekly, but you can change this to Daily or Monthly, or disable the automatic check altogether.

Note: Because browsers are updated frequently and we update 1Password often to keep up, disabling automatic updates is usually not recommended.

Include Beta versions

Do you enjoy shaping the future of an application you love? Are you the type who’s compelled to write and voice your opinion when something doesn’t work just so?

Fantastic! We’ve been looking for you and we’re glad we found you! You, my friend, want to join our beta team. 1Password 3 wouldn’t be what it is without the feedback from our beta testers. You guys are extremely important to us.

Simply Include Beta versions to tell 1Password to automatically update to the latest beta version available. That’s it. Welcome, and thank you! We can’t wait to work with you to make 1Password even awesomer. If you have comments or notice any issues, please join us in the forums where our support folks can collect your feedback!

Note: Beta versions are not tested as thoroughly as final versions and are usually less stable. Since they are also released more often, enabling this option will cause 1Password to check for a new beta every eight hours.

A note about manually upgrading

It is strongly recommended that you do not download updates from the website manually as there are some important steps that must be taken to update 1Password properly.

If you must update 1Password manually for whatever reason, please quit all web browsers and 1Password before replacing 1Password in your /Applications folder. If you don’t quit all browsers, the update will likely not be able to complete successfully, leaving you with a damaged installation. If this happens to you, move the 1Password application to the Trash and download a fresh copy and try again. Your data isn’t stored inside the application, so you don’t have to worry about damaging or losing it by re-downloading and replacing it.