Security Settings

The 1Password Agile Keychain file has several options that can be configured by clicking 1Password > Preferences, then the Security pane. Below are explanations for the features and options found in this pane.

1P3 Preferences Security


The security features in this section allow you to automatically lock your Agile Keychain based on certain events or a time period of inactivity. Here are the settings and their meaning:

Lock after [X] minutes of inactivity: If your computer is inactive for a period of time, 1Password can lock your Agile Keychain to make sure someone else cannot view or use your data. This is a good way to protect your data if you use 1Password at work or if your Mac gets stolen. However, the more frequently you set your Agile Keychain to lock, the more often you will have to type your Master Password to unlock and use your data.

Lock when sleeping: 1Password can lock your Agile Keychain each time your Mac goes to sleep. This is another way to keep your data secure, but it also means you will have to enter your Master Password each time you want to use 1Password after waking your Mac.

Lock when screen saver is activated: 1Password can lock your Agile Keychain whenever your Mac’s screen saver activates. This is a way to protect your data from other people, as screen savers are often activated when you are away from your Mac for long periods of time. This is especially useful in work environments where other people could gain access to your Mac.


Enable Universal Unlock: If you enable this feature, unlocking the 1Password browser extension will also unlock the 1Password app. If you disable it, you will need to type your Master Password to unlock the extension and main app separately.

Disable automatic unlock for all applications: you will need to type the master password separately in 1Password and Safari (and other browsers). By default unlocking 1Password unlocks all browsers.

Never prompt for master password: Your Master Password will be stored in the Mac OS X keychain, and as long as the Mac OS X keychain is unlocked (which by default it is), 1Password will always be unlocked and never prompt you for your Master Password. This option is not enabled by default. While it makes using 1Password to fill logins and shopping forms more convenient, it is also less secure.

Master Password

To change your Master Password:

Master Passwords should rarely be changed

Your 1Password Master Password is not like a typical Login password, and it should only be changed if it needs to be improved. Once you have a strong, memorable, and unique Master Password you should not change it.

Clipboard Security

Copying information from 1Password means that it is stored on your Mac’s clipboard until you copy something else to replace it. This feature allows you to remove 1Password information from your Mac’s clipboard within a specific number of seconds, thus protecting your sensitive data even if you don’t copy something else for days.