Legacy Versions of 1Password

Here you can find previous versions of 1Password that supported older operating systems and browsers.

You can download one of our legacy versions of 1Password below. While we are happy to help if you have problems using these other releases, new features will not be added so it is recommended you upgrade to newer versions of OS X and your browser(s) as soon as possible.

Legacy OS X Releases

OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion

1Password 3.8.22 was the last version to support OS X Snow Leopard and OS X Lion (versions 10.6 and 10.7).

OS X 10.5 Leopard

1Password 3.5 was the last version to support Leopard (10.5).

OS X 10.4 Tiger

1Password 2.12.1 was the last version to support OS X Tiger (10.4).

Note that 1Password 2 is free for 1Password 3 owners. In other words, 1Password 3 licenses will work in 1Password 2.

Older Mac Web Browsers

Firefox 17 Extended Support Release (ESR)

1Password’s 3.9.12 Firefox extension supports Firefox 17.

Firefox 3

Mozilla ended support for Firefox 3 on March 30, 2010 with the release of 3.0.19. As a 1Password user, we know that you take security seriously, so we thought it was wise to let you know it is no longer receiving security updates.

In light of the above, it is obviously a good idea to upgrade to the latest Firefox version if at all possible. However, if you still decide to use an older version of Firefox for some reason, version 3 is the one we suggest.

Simply click the above link in Firefox to install the extension. Alternatively, if you download the extension via a different browser, drag and drop the file from Finder onto an open Firefox window.

Please note that the old 1Password extension for Firefox 3 is provided as is, and no further updates will be made to it.

Google Chrome, Chromium, Canary, and RockMelt on Leopard

The last version of the 1Password extension to support Google Chrome, Chromium, Canary, and RockMelt on OS X Leopard was version 3.6.3. You can download this version of the Chrome extension from here:

Important Installation Note: Chrome will prevent installation if a newer version is already installed. Be sure to go to the Window > Extensions screen and uninstall your existing version of 1Password. Then restart Chrome; this is important to avoid a Chrome bug where it incorrectly reports the file as invalid. After restarting Chrome, click the link above to start the install process.

Automatic Update Note: The automatic updater in this version has been disabled temporarily until the new Chrome extension is able to support the Chromium, Canary, and RockMelt Chrome variants. Once support is added you will be automatically updated, except on Leopard.

Camino 2, Flock, and Older Browsers

1Password 3.5 was the last version to support Camino 2 and Flock.