Keyboard Shortcuts for Power Users

If you use 1Password as much as we do, you’ll want to know about these nifty keyboard shortcuts for getting around the browser extension quickly and easily.

Fill Login


If you only learn one keyboard shortcut, “Fill Login” is the one to learn. When you have only a single Login item for a site, it will be filled and submitted. If you have more than one Login, you will be prompted to select the one you wish to use. 1Password is smart, but we are still working on the mind reading feature.

Show Extension Popup


This one is pretty self-explanatory. It simply opens the extension so you can start using the other keyboard shortcuts (or your mouse if it is getting lonely).

Type to Find

Once you open the extension, you can simply begin typing the name of the Login you’re looking for to locate it. Pressing Return will open the Login’s URL, fill in your credentials, and log you in. Boom!

Switch Sections

Tab and Shift-Tab

Cycle forward between Logins, Credit Cards, Identities, Password Generator and Settings in the extension. Shift-Tab will cycle backward.

View Item Details

Right Arrow

This allows you to view the details of any selected Login, Identity, or Credit Card. Need to copy a password for a Flash site, double-check a Credit Card’s expiration date, or verify the info in an Identity? This is a great way to do it without having to drop what you’re doing and open the 1Password app. Simply hit the Left Arrow key to go back when you are done.

Close Extension Popup


If you don’t need to see the extension popup anymore, press Esc to hide it, so you can go back to browsing the web.

The “Fill Login” and “Show Extension Popup” keyboard shortcuts can be customized in the main 1Password application (Preferences > Logins in 3.8 or Preferences > Extensions in 3.9).

Set custom keyboard shortcuts in 1Password 3.8 on the Logins preference pane Set custom keyboard shortcuts in 1Password 3.9 on the Extensions preference pane