Upgrading Licenses

This document describes how to upgrade your license for the latest version of 1Password. It also has troubleshooting tips for the most common issues that arise.

Note: If you purchased 1Password 2 on or after March 1, 2009, you received a free upgrade to 1Password 3, and your license is already compatible with the new version. If you want to check which license you have, follow Step #1 below to find your license in 1Password, then see if it says “1Password 2” or “1Password 3” under the product column in that window.

How to Upgrade an Existing License

If you already own a license for a previous version of 1Password, you can easily obtain an upgrade license for the latest version. Just follow these steps:

1. Open 1Password, go to the 1Password application menu, and choose “Licenses…”:

1Passwords Licenses manager menu option

2. In the Licenses management window that appears, highlight the license you wish to upgrade, then click the gear menu in the lower left and choose “Upgrade my license”:

Licenses management window and gear menu

3. A window or tab will open in your default browser and bring you to our online store. Here you can see the price (if applicable) of a license upgrade for new versions of 1Password and make your purchase:

Purchase a license upgrade from the store

4. Once you finish, your new license will be displayed in the browser page and emailed to you. Copy it, then click the “Add…” button in 1Password’s Licenses manager window to add your license and finish the upgrade process:

Add your new license to 1Password

If your email address has changed

If you still have access to your old email and want to update it to your new address, you can use the form in our Customer Center. This form allows you to log in and change the email address associated with your license. If you do not have a password to log in yet, enter the email address you used to register 1Password, click “Request Password,” and we’ll email a password to your old address. Use the emailed password to enter the Customer Center and click Change Email.

If your email address has changed and you no longer have access to the old one

If you no longer have access to the original email address that you used to register 1Password, go to 1Password’s Help menu and choose Login to Customer Center:

Login to AgileBits Customer Center

This should open a new browser tab or window and bring you to a special page at our AgileBits site with your account email address already filled in. From here you can change the email address associated with your 1Password license and view all licenses that are registered under your address.

If your license is not being accepted

1Password has had a rich history with licenses and license keys. The most likely problem is you have an old license key and need to grab the most recent one from the Customer Center. After logging in to the Customer Center, you will be shown all your licenses. Click on one to see the newest key.