Installation and Setup

Like most Mac software, 1Password is a snap to install. After you download 1Password, locate it in your downloads folder and follow these simple steps to get set up:

Step 1: Drag 1Password to your Applications folder

1Password Install Disk Image Just in case you are an existing user, be sure to quit 1Password if it is running, and all open browsers before updating to a new version. If you are asked to overwrite a previous version, select “OK.” Any pre-existing 1Password information is stored in a data file separate from the application, so you can safely replace your local copy of 1Password or its browser extensions without jeopardizing your data.

Step 2: Double-click 1Password in your Applications folder to start it

1Password Welcome You will be prompted to create a fresh new encrypted Agile Keychain file that will securely store all of your 1Password Logins, Wallet Items, Secure Notes, and other data. If you are an existing user, you can also choose to locate your Agile Keychain file if you already have one.

Step 3: Create a Master Password for your Agile Keychain

Create a Master Password To protect all of your 1Password data, you must create a Master Password. This password is used to safeguard and decrypt your data, so make it a good one and be absolutely sure to remember it. You will have to enter this password to unlock your Agile Keychain in your browser for logging into sites, or to gain access in the 1Password application itself to manage your data.

Step 4: Let 1Password Work With Your Browsers

Install 1Password browser extensions You will be asked to install extensions for browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This allows the deep integration that only 1Password can provide. These extensions let 1Password automatically fill website logins, shopping cart information, and registration forms across the web. You can install them right away or wait until later.

If you wait, though, you won’t get the full 1Password experience! Be sure to install these as soon as you’re ready. When it comes time to install them later, go to the 1Password > Preferences menu, and in the preferences window that appears, pick the Browsers tab to install these extensions.

Step 5: Enjoy 1Password!

That’s it! You are now ready to enjoy a more secure, convenient Internet with 1Password and your favorite Mac browsers. If you have more questions about 1Password or our 1Password applications for iPhone, iPod touch, and Palm devices, please don’t hesitate to check our FAQs or contact us.

Other First-Run Tips and Things to Know