In-Browser Editing

The 1Password browser extension allows you to edit and even delete your Logins right inside your browser—no need to stop what you’re doing and open the 1Password app!

How To: Edit a Login in the 1Password browser extension

Editing a Login in the 1Password Extension

  1. Open the extension by clicking the 1Password key button or pressing Option-Command-\ on your keyboard.
  2. Find the Login you want to edit by scrolling through the list, or begin typing a few characters of the Login’s title to narrow your search.
  3. Click the circled > to the right of the Login’s title or press the right arrow key on your keyboard to view the Login’s details.
  4. Click the Edit button in the upper right corner of the extension window to enter the edit mode.
  5. Make your changes and then click the Save button in the upper right when you are done.

How To: Delete a Login from the 1Password browser extension

Follow all the same steps above, but, while in edit mode, scroll down to the bottom of the extension window to see a large red “Delete Login” button. Click that and the Login will be sent to 1Password’s trash!