1Password Autolock Settings

By default, the 1Password data file is configured to lock itself automatically in certain circumstances, such as when your Mac goes to sleep or after a specific time of inactivity. This is usually considered a great security feature as it protects your data even if you forget to lock 1Password manually.

In some environments, however, having the data file lock so often is more of an annoyance than anything else. Fortunately, the data file locking preferences are completely configurable. You can change these settings by running 1Password and clicking 1Password > Preferences > Security.

1P Preferences Security

You can adjust much of the data file’s behavior, including how long it waits to lock, locks when your Mac goes to sleep or starts a screensaver, and whether you are ever asked to enter your Master Password. You can also change your Master Password in this preferences window and toggle whether 1Password protects your information by removing it from your Mac’s clipboard after a certain period of time.