File Attachments


1Password lets you attach files to any type of Vault item, including Logins, Accounts, Secure Notes, Software Licenses, as well as Identities and Wallet items. Your attachments will be encrypted with your Master Password, just like all the other information you add to 1Password.

How to attach files to 1Password items

To attach one or more files to any 1Password item, you can:

  1. Select the item in 1Password and press the Edit button at the bottom of the window to reveal the Attachments area near the bottom
  2. Drag-and-drop one or more files into the attachment area to copy them into your 1Password data file

Alternatively, you can select an item and choose Edit > Add Attachment to quickly enter edit mode and make a file window appear for browsing your files.

About attachments, file sizes, and syncing

If you try to attach a single file that is larger than 2 MB, you will see a warning about attaching large files, though these files will still be allowed. There is an absolute 20 MB limit on the file size of individual attachments. For context: most documents like Pages, Word, Excel, and text notes are a very, very small fraction of 2MB. Keynote and PowerPoint files, however, can often get close to that 2MB size and larger (especially if you embed media like music and video into them), but still stay well under the absolute 20MB limit. Your typical song from the iTunes Store is anywhere from 4-8MB or more, while TV episodes and films start at hundreds of MB in size.

If you sync your 1Password data file with a service like Dropbox or apps like ChronoSync, you may see an increase in sync time if you add a lot of attachments. Just like it takes a long time to download a complete email message with lots of pictures or files attached, syncing your 1Password file will take a little more time if you attach a lot of images or other types of potentially large files.

Attachments are not synchronized to our 1Password for iOS apps at this time.

Tips and things to know