How to manually add new items to 1Password

1Password can automatically save Logins and other forms from your browser, but you must manually enter other things like Software Licenses, Identities, and Wallet Items. It is very easy to add these items, and there are a couple of different methods that can fit into the way you work.

There are two easy ways to create new 1Password items:

  1. Select the appropriate vault category in 1Password’s left sidebar and click the plus button at the bottom of the window 1Password 3 add a new item
  2. Choose the File > New Item menu and select the appropriate option

If you accidentally pick the wrong type, just click the Cancel button underneath the edit view.

If you create a new item in the Wallet or Accounts vault, you’ll be prompted to select a template for your data. For example, the Wallet can contain bank accounts, credit card numbers (great for automatically filling shopping carts), drivers licenses, etc. Similarly, the Accounts vault has its own set of templates. Creating a new item in the Wallet or Accounts vaults presents a list of available templates. This is the Wallet’s list:

Wallet Item Sheet

If you get a sheet like this, select the proper template and click the Add button to get down to business.

Note: If you press the plus button at the bottom of a folder or tag view, a new item will be created of the same type as the current item. In order to choose a different type, you’ll need to select an item of the desired type first or just use one of the two options above.