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    Upgrading to the Agile Keychain

    All your 1Password data is stored in a file called a keychain. This keychain may need to be upgraded before you can use 1Password 3. This document describes how to upgrade.

    Note For MobileMe Users

    If you are using 1Password 2 and know that you are using the OS X Keychain and MobileMe to sync, and everything is working for you and you do not want to try another service like DropBox (it’s free and very fast), it is recommended that you stay with the OS X Keychain and 1Password 2 for a while longer. The ability to sync the Agile Keychain with MobileMe iDisk is coming in a future release.

    If you choose not to upgrade to the Agile Keychain at this time, be sure not to upgrade to 1Password 3.

    How to Upgrade to the Agile Keychain

    To upgrade to the Agile Keychain, you will need 1Password 2. If you need a copy you can get one from our Version History Page. Launch 1Password 2 and click the 1Password > Preferences menu to open the Preferences window. Click on the Keychain tab and click the Switch to Agile Keychain Format button, shown here:

    Keychain Preferences

    You will be prompted to create a Master Password for encrypting and protecting your data in the new Agile Keychain It is recommended that you enter the same password you were using for the old keychain.:

    Upgrade to Agile Keychain

    During the upgrade process, you may be prompted by Mac OS X’s Security Agent to allow 1Password to access items in your OS X Keychain. Be sure to allow access or else 1Password will not be able to migrate your information to a new Agile Keychain.

    The Location of Your New Agile Keychain

    After migration, your newly created Agile Keychain will be located here, in your Home user folder:

    Home > Library > Application Support > 1Password > 1Password.agilekeychain

    Be sure to add this file to your automatic backup system. If you would like to change its location, you can change it in 1Password 2 from the 1Password > Preferences > Keychain window, and in 1Password 3 from the 1Password > Preferences > General window.

    Syncing the Agile Keychain

    For details on how to sync the Agile Keychain between your Macs, please see our Sync Solutions document. Our recommended solution is to sync using DropBox.

    Going Back to OS X Keychain

    If you are using 1Password 2 on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or 10.5 Leopard, you can revert back to the OS X Keychain. You can do this by going to the 1Password > Preferences window, clicking the Keychain tab, and then click Switch Back to OS X Keychain.

    If for some reason you cannot open the Preferences, you can rename the newly create Agile Keychain (Home > Library > Application Support > 1Password > 1Password.agilekeychain) and then restart 1Password. You will be prompted to create a new keychain; instead, select “Use Existing”, and chose to use the old keychain when prompted.

    If you intend to upgrade to 1Password 3 on Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard or 10.6 Snow Leopard, note that the Mac OS X Keychain format is no longer supported in 1Password 3 for a number of technical reasons and feature requirements that are explained below.

    Why 1Password 3 No Longer Stores Data in the OS X Keychain Format

    Since the very beginning, 1Password used the OS X Keychain Services to store all of its information. After years of use, we learned a lot about the nuances of the OS X keychain and how users benefited from it, as well as where things could be improved.

    The Agile Keychain was created in response to users needs to be able to sync without using MobileMe and from our years of experience supporting customers. We needed a solution that was faster, easy to sync, more robust, and able to support the features of 1Password 3.

    As 1Password matured and its features increased, 1Password could no longer store all its information in the OS X Keychain.

    For more information, you can review the quick keychain comparison document as well as a detailed explanation of why the Agile Keychain was created and the technical Agile Keychain Design documents.

    Examining the Agile Keychain Contents

    By default, the Agile keychain is stored in the Home > Library > Application Support > 1Password folder and called 1Password.agilekeychain. This file is actually a collection of files bundled together in what is known as a Mac OS X “package” file. There are many files in OS X that are packages like this, including 1Password itself, most other applications, and files created by iWork ‘08 and RapidWeaver. A package is technically just a folder, so you can explore the Agile Keychain package contents by Control-clicking (or right-clicking) your Agile Keychain file and selecting Show Contents from the contextual menu.

    Note that, while you can see all the files and folders bundled in your Agile Keychain, the files that contain your actual 1Password data (like passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) are encrypted with your Master Password.