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    Syncing Your Data Without MobileMe or iDisk

    This article explains how to configure Dropbox to sync your 1Password keychain. While Dropbox is our favorite sync solution, there are many other tools available, such as those listed on our sync solutions page. You should pick a solution that meets your needs.

    While these instructions specifically mention Dropbox, they can be used to configure whichever tool you choose.

    What is Dropbox?

    Dropbox is a file-based synchronization solution and is our recommended method for keeping 1Password data in sync. It is incredibly fast, maintains a revision history of your files, is accessible from any browser (useful when travelling), and enables you to share files with others.

    Creating a Dropbox Account

    Dropbox has an excellent video on their homepage that shows how to get up and running quickly.

    Switching to the Agile Keychain

    In order to use Dropbox to sync your data, you must switch to the Agile Keychain data format. Our guide provides details on how to switch to the Agile Keychain.

    Important: The OS X Keychain stores everything in a single file, making file-based syncing impractical. Do not sync the OS X Keychain using this method.

    Setting Up Dropbox on the First Mac

    After Dropbox is installed, go to the 1Password > Preferences > Keychain window and click Move. 1Password will ask you for the new location of the keychain. Specify the Dropbox folder (or a subfolder within it):

    Moving Agile Keychain to Dropbox

    Clicking Change Location will cause 1Password to move your Agile Keychain to the Dropbox folder. That’s all there is to it! Your keychain is now being monitored by Dropbox and automatically copied to all your other machines.

    Connecting Other Macs

    To configure 1Password on your other Macs, first setup Dropbox, then make sure you have the latest version of 1Password installed and running. Double-click on the 1Password.agilekeychain file in your Dropbox folder. 1Password will confirm that you want to use this new location.

    After clicking Yes, 1Password will configure itself to use this new keychain. Since the keychain is monitored by Dropbox, any change you make to your keychain will be automatically synchronized to all your other Macs. 1Password and its browser extensions will detect these changes and automatically reload the keychain, allowing completely automatic and seamless syncing without MobileMe.

    Video of Dropbox+1Password in Action

    Don McAllister of ScreenCastsOnline created a great video of using Dropbox to sync 1Password data:

    This section was part of a members-only video about using Dropbox but Don was kind enough to extract the 1Password portion of the video and make it available to everyone.

    The high resolution version of the video can be found on our web site.